Simple Guide on How to Test Your Battery

To safely check the charging power of the car battery, you are going to need a wire brush, work gloves, safety glasses, and a voltmeter. With the car engine and headlights off, open the hood and use the wire brush to carefully clean the contact points of the car battery. The voltmeter will have two cables, red and black. The red cable goes to the positive terminal of the car battery. The black cable goes to the other terminal.

With the voltmeter on, you should see a reading in the 12.4 range if the battery is still able to hold a charge. If the reading shows 12.2 or less, the car battery is at or under 50 percent charging power and needs to be inspected. When the car battery registers a bad reading on the voltmeter, take the car to a trusted auto repair facility so we can inspect the battery and offer a compatible replacement.

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