Why buy a hatchback?

A new love for station wagons has caused many consumers to look towards hatchbacks. Not only does this style of car offer an attractive design, but hatchbacks also come with a practicality that drivers love.

It is much easier to fold a seat down and slide larger objects into an oval-shaped trunk rather than try to flatten things out so that you can transport large products in a standard sedan. Even the smallest hatchbacks have cargo space that totals nearly 20 cubic feet. You would have to purchase a rather large sedan to get such space in a standard-shaped model.

A hatchback also offers an overall feel of more space. You do not feel as closed in when you look in the rearview mirror and see a large window as an outlet. Of course, the only way to truly gain a full appreciation for the hatchback model is to stop by European Masters to test drive one of these smart beauties!




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