Is a Hatchback the Right Choice for Me?

When shopping for a car, you might be considering a whole range of styles and brands. If you've had a sedan in the past and are wondering if switching to a hatchback may be the right choice, it pays to think about your needs and how you plan to use your car.

Hatchbacks are the same general size as a sedan, but they have a vastly different use of space. While a sedan's trunk may yield 11 cubic feet of space, a similarly sized hatchback with the back seat folded down might yield more than three times that amount of cargo area. If you love to visit antiques fairs and farmers' markets or have a hobby like scuba diving, the extra space will really come in handy.

One possible downside to owning a hatchback is the relative ease passersby have of looking into the car. Modern hatchbacks include a privacy shelf that can obscure items you're carrying in the back from curious eyes. If you'd like to test drive a hatchback, visit us at European Masters, where we have plenty of styles you can drive.



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