Are Summer Tires a Better Choice Than All-Season Tires?

The team at European Masters wanted to better educate drives as to all the advantages this season to be driving with summer tires on the vehicle.

The shallow rib running down the center of the summer tires serves a very important purpose. That rib pushes water to the sides, which is then moved away from the tires by way of the tread pattern. This helps to make driving on wet roads in the summer easier and safer as more tire is in contact with the road at higher speeds.

The summer tires are less likely to hydroplane when the roads are wet. The unique asymmetrical tread patterns will move the water fast, giving you more grip when the roads are hot. Less slipping and sliding helps make everyone safer on the roads.

Be sure to schedule tire rotation appointments with your trusted service center so we can help extend the treads and your investment in those tires.

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