Back-to-School Vehicle Care

When college students take a car, truck, or SUV back to school, they must make sure that the vehicle gets proper maintenance. For many young drivers, this may be a first-time responsibility. It is essential or young drivers to get familiar with the auto, learn to listen for unusual noises, and organize a program for maintenance.

Great Neck drivers know the importance of consistent basic maintenance. Drivers must frequently check the engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and washer fluid levels. The autumn is an excellent time to check tires and prepare for the cold months with extra windshield washing fluid, jumper cables, safety flashlights, drinking water, and blankets.

At European Masters, we offer tips and advice to drivers on car care. We provide professional maintenance services that meet the manufacturer's recommendations. We check important systems, safety features, and offer complete car care. Please call for an appointment or drop by today.



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