Staying Safe While Stranded on Winter Roads

When you're making a winter survival kit, think about the things that would make being in your car for an extended period of time in cold weather bearable. Keep a small bag of salt that you would normally put on the steps at your house so that you can put it on the ground around your tires. This can sometimes give you just enough traction to get your car unstuck.

Keep a good set of booster cables and a battery charger in your car. If you plan on using the heat in your car or charging your phone using the lighter, then your battery might begin to weaken. Someone can check your battery before the winter season so that you know you have a strong battery. A shovel that folds is good to have on hand as well. It can be used to get snow and mud away from your tires and to create a flat area for you to drive on if there is snow compacted.

A first-aid kit should be kept in your car as well. It should include bandages, hand warmers, medications that you need to take, and items that can help you stay awake until help arrives.



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